Carly Pearce Adds “Color” to Debut Album

If you haven’t heard the name Carly Pearce, get ready, you will. The Kentucky native is poised to be the next big thing: Her Top 10 single “Every Little Thing” has earned more than a million streams online, and now she’s gearing up to release her first solo album of the same name October 13.

The autobiographical album includes the track “Color,” which paints a picture of a girl afraid to rush into love, but who finds herself unable not to surrender to her feelings. Pearce explains she wrote the song from a very personal place.

“I’m a Taurus, which means I’m stubborn and a little wild,” she says. “I never was the girl who dreamt of the white dress and picket fence, so I’ve never been one to jump into love. This song is all about the one that you just simply try to not fall in love with, but dang it, you just do.”

‍You can pre-order Pearce’s album, Every Little Thing here, and listen to “Color” below.