Truth Be Told

Courtesy of Matthew West & Carly Pearce

NASHVILLE, TN (March 5, 2021) – Five-time GRAMMY® nominated singer/songwriter Matthew West and chart-topping CMA Awards® winner and three-time ACM® Awards nominee Carly Pearce partner for a duet version of his No. 1 radio single, "Truth Be Told" that is available everywhere today. Spending four weeks at the top of the radio charts, the single was originally from West's 2020 album, Brand New, and touches the important topic of authenticity, honesty and vulnerability.

"I’m honored to have Carly join me on this new version of 'Truth Be Told,' shares Matthew West. "Since her first single, 'Every Little Thing,' I’ve been a huge fan. There’s an honesty in her voice that convinces you she’s not just singing, she’s feeling every word she’s singing. It was a special thing to hear that same honest vocal delivery brought to this song about being honest. I’m so excited for the world to hear this duet."

In addition to the single, the in-studio video of the recording debuts today - Watch here. And fans can get an extra glimpse into West and Pearce as he interviews her on next week's podcast episode on The Matthew West Podcast.

“My faith is such a huge part of my life," Carly Pearce says. "I’ve been praying for the right opportunity to show more of my heart, and ‘Truth Be Told’ felt meant to be. Not only am I such a fan of Matthew’s, this lyric has been the anthem of my life over the last year. Being transparent and vulnerable is how we connect with others. I’m so excited to be a part of this collaboration!”



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  We live in Maryland … which is the 9th smallest state in land mass, but 19th largest in terms of square miles of water. In fact, Maryland has the MOST linear miles of tidal coastline in the entire US by virtue of the Chesapeake Bay and all of its tidal river tributaries. Since the late 1980’s, my wife Mary and I have owned a sequential series of modest sized cabin cruisers. It became a tradition for me to invite 3 or 4 men to join me for a boating overnight a couple warm Fridays a month between May and September. This included pizza for dinner at sunset, pastries & coffee for breakfast at sunrise, plus water sports skiing or tubing adventures.

As the sun sets and the winds die down it gets quiet except for a few frogs along the shoreline. At this point, all on board hear me declare that they must honor CAPTAINS RULES … #1: “Don’t lie to me.” #2: “Whatever is said on the boat stays on the boat.” Then, conversations become sacred. Over my 33+ years of boat ownership, I discovered that all of us are dealing with stuff - and men just do not have safe places to unpack their stuff. It may be work … home … marriage … finances … kids … aging parents … even church. I am now convinced that each of the boats we have owned are anointed. I frequently get calls from the wives of the men on board who tell me, “My husband is much more reasonable to live with after a night on your boat!” I have had men aboard who have faced financial ruin, grappling with substance abuse, experienced divorce, raising special needs kids, required heart transplants and those facing death from a life ending illness … who have passed away shortly after their last boat outing.

Spring of 2021, we got our 4th boat - a Regal 36XO. For the summer of 2021, our boat did not have a transom name displayed.

Just before Christmas, Paul Kuck – founder of Regal - sent along a copy of the Max Lucado devotional, God’s Promises for You that contained an insert from Mr. Kuck on his personal “Directions for Life. When I called to thank them, they sent along another half dozen copies of the book. Only after I purchased this boat did I discover the Regal mission statement: “With God’s help and a steadfast commitment to integrity, we will develop a team of exceptional people and relationships to provide exceptional customer satisfaction. So … we really did have an anointed boat. But what to name it?

Most patriarchs in scripture had names given to them that was a call to fulfil their destiny in life. In May 2021 my 30-year-old nephew tragically died leaving behind a 2 ½ year old daughter and a wife of 3 ½ years who was 5-months pregnant. While heartbroken, as I served and shuttled family members between hotel and funeral and meals … I played TRUTH BE TOLD over and over. While still in dry dock awaiting spring 2022 cleaning and launch, yesterday April 11, 2022 the transom of our Regal 36XO now proudly displays its rightful name Truth Be Told – to fulfil its calling. Wish I could send along a picture, but photos are not supported in this text medium.

Finally, I wish the song Truth Be Told was considered to be added to the Summer 2022 song set when performing at the Here and Now tour with Kenny Chesney – at least at Merriweather post Pavilion in Columbia Maryland on August 10, 2022.